Even one view on the ponds or on the swimming pool it’s enough to take calm and to feel the completeness of life. Pool or swimming pond on the territory is a great possibility to relax, to dissolve in the water all worries; a promise of the amazing moments with family and friends; this is a benefit for your body and soul that any other kind of relax can’t replace.
Decorative ponds or ponds for fish are in complete harmony with the landscape, giving you the possibility to change thoughts and to full yourself by nice feelings. Since many years Ukr Landscape Park company uses the latest technologies and has got the right experience to create beautiful swimming pools, lakes, streams and even waterfalls. In our team work architects, designers, engineers and our own working team collaborate to do all works with high quality and in time.

Types of work in the creation of swimming pools, ponds and other water elements on the territory

  • decorative lakes and ponds
  • swimming ponds
  • creation of streams, waterfalls and other water elements of the landscape
  • ponds for breeding fish
  • also, the landscape company Ukr Landscape Park carries out works on geoplastic (creation of reliefs). – Giving a terrain relief helps to create a stream or waterfall.
  • installation of a swimming pool
  • design and implementation of relax areas near the reservoir or the pool. Architects of Ukr Landscape Park will design for you arbors and pergolas in different styles, terraces for the rest near the water, fishing areas, piers, etc.
  • fountains of all sizes
  • lighting installation
  • swimming pool maintenance
  • water purification systems
  • caring for a decorative or fish pond
  • care of the swimming pond
  • consolidation of the shores
  • selection of materials and plantings for the design of the coastal zone
  • beautiful plants for the design of the bottom of the pond

We realize all your dreams about your own lake, swimming pool or any other water areas on your territory.