To install an automatic irrigation system in the territory, the specialists of Ukr Landscape Park company carry out a number of preparatory, installation works and mandatory system checks:

  • 1. Design and survey (canalization) works:
    • site survey and study of requirements for the irrigation system
    • creation of the irrigation project according to the topographic map and the planting plan
    • carrying out the project to the area.
  • 2. Earthwork:
    • digging out the trenches

    If the irrigation system is performed on a site with a ready landscaping, before it specialists remove the lawn. And after they start to work with the creation of the trenches
    • making passages for the pipelines under the tracks and platforms.
    • Pipe laying
    • connection and installation of watering equipment

  • Equipment for irrigation can be of three types. Many companies indicate a greater number of types of irrigation, but they are all subspecies of these three systems:

    Sprinkler irrigation is a surface irrigation, which is performed by installing different radial impact sprinklers (rotary and static sprayers). This type of irrigation is used for lawns, some species of shrubs and ground cover plants.

    Drip irrigation and micro-irrigation is realized by using a drip tube, micro sprayers, emitters and special nozzles. This kind of watering can be an ideal solution for watering flower beds and shrubs.

    Underground drip irrigation can be used for the irrigation of the most types of green plantations. For this type of irrigation, a drip pipe with ROOTGUARD technology or irrigation mats can be used. This watering has many advantages: water does not fall on buildings, structures and paths; economy (moisture does not evaporate and comes fully to plantations); there is no influence of wind; watering is possible at any time of the day; system is difficult to destroy (antivandalism system). Sometimes, underground watering is used that not to destroy the aesthetics of the landscape decision.

    After the specialists of Ukr Landscape Park have installed the chosen type of irrigation, the last stages of works is carried out:
  • 3. System test:
    • a hydraulic or pneumatic test of the system, which allows to check its tightness and the overall functionality
  • 4. Commissioning of the system and exploitation